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Daly City AYSO - Region 146

Fall 2020 Registration is Now Open!

Welcome to Daly City AYSO, Region 146

Fall 2020 Registration is officially open!  Visit Us Now

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again on the fields this fall and for those that are new to our region, we look forward to getting to know you and your child this fall season.  

What are registration fees?

Prior to July 31st, fees are $170 per child (including the $20 AYSO membership fee). Scholarships are offered, but availability is limited. 

Please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] or call us at 650-733-8603 with any questions.

Please note - a non-refundable membership fee of $20.00 will be added to your cart upon completion of registration.  This fee is assessed by the AYSO national and covers insurance, background screening for volunteers, program development and the right to participate in 1 year of AYSO activities.  The membership fee is charged only once per membership year.   

What if I need a Refund?

Please print a refund form and return it to the Regional Commissioner or Registrar.  A full refund of the player fee will be issued prior to July 1st.  After July 1st no refunds will be provided.

What does your child need to play:

A desire to have fun, shin guards and cleats or tennis shoes.  Shin guards are MANDATORY for all games and practices!    

What team will my child be on?

Children will be assigned a team based on age obtained through registration.  Any requests to play up in a higher division must be requested in advance and are granted at the discretion of the Regional Commission, CVPA and Coach Administrator.  

Important Dates:

Our Fall 2020 season officially starts August 1st this year.  Our region will have a calendar posted on online at with details of upcoming of events and deadlines.  In the meantime, below are some important dates to start with:

Registration opens: 4/1/2020
First In-Person Registration: TBD
Second In-Person Registration: TBD
Registration closes: 7/31/2020
Fall Season Begins: 8/1/2020
Parents Meeting: 8/8/2020 - Location TBD
Coaches Meeting: 8/15/2020 - Location TBD
First Games: 9/12/2020 - 14U Division and Down


AYSO is a completely volunteer run organization.  The more people that help, the better the program runs and the better experience our children have.  Kids love it when their parents and family members are involved as well!  It helps them feel part of the larger AYSO community and they know that the whole organization is there to support them and their friends.  

We always need volunteers!  Please consider offering your time.  Some areas you can be of service are as a:

- Coach
- Referee
- Team Parent
- Board Member
- Field Setup

You’d be surprised how rewarding it is to give a few hours back and helping the kids.  Any time spent is appreciated and we would love to have each family volunteer between 2-4 hours this season.

Contact Information:

Phone: (650) 733-8603
Mail: PO Box 2297, Daly City, CA 94017 
Email: [email protected]

Things to Note

Please take note:

*No more July birthday cut off for divisions. It's now based on birth year. Some players will be moving up due to this change. Click here to see Registration Chart or see EXPLANATION below.

*Registration will now be with DICKS TSHQ powered by Blue Sombrero (no more This is a National change not just region, so please be patient as we are learning the ropes as well. We are excited for this change as it will allow you to upload pics and documents rather than having to come in person to deliver these

*Birth-Year Registration- Registration calendars are to align with the calendar year. August-December birth months will move up a division.

*NO goalies allowed in 6U or 8U

*8U is now 4v4 (2016 was 5v5)

*Smaller Sided Standards- Fields sizes are to be adjusted to be age appreciate with small sided teams This gives the players a better chance of touching the ball.

*NO throw-ins allowed in 6U or 8U during games. This creates less chance of a concussion.

*Punting in no longer allowed in 10U and 12U. Can only be done in 14U and older divisions.

*Online concussion training is required for all volunteers.

Player Development Initiatives (PDI's)

The new U.S. Soccer Player Development Initiatives (PDI’s) mandate small sided play for all youth soccer programs up to U12.  These PDI’s will apply to all youth soccer programs that are members of U.S. Soccer, including most youth soccer club programs.  Minor adjustments to the AYSO rules are necessary to align with U.S. Soccer for the U5 to U8 age groups to have 4v4 play in place of 3v3 and 5v5.  Otherwise, the AYSO Rules and Regulations are already mostly in-alignment with the PDI’s, and in fact, already offered more player development opportunities now being recognized by U.S. Soccer.

What are the biggest changes to the rules in AYSO and youth soccer?
The biggest changes are in the U10 division. The rule changes mandated by U.S. Soccer are to encourage passing the ball on the ground, especially from the goalkeeper up through the team.  There will be a new line on the field between the half line and the top of the penalty area.    These are called "build-out” lines.  For more specific information on the build-out lines and how they are used, please see U.S. Soccer’s website: US Soccer PDI or the US Soccer PDI presentation at the link below.

Some Regions that do not already use small sided play will also have to change field sizes and goal sizes.  Regions will be permitted to implement the field and goal changes gradually in order to conform to the US Soccer PDI mandate.

What are the new changes to the player age cutoff dates?
FIFA and other governing bodies in soccer use the calendar year for determining the age for player registration as opposed to most youth soccer organizations that have used the “school year” to form teams.  That practice kept most kids in a given grade in the same age group.  U.S. Soccer PDI’s now require conformity with FIFA practice.  For membership year 2017, AYSO will be going to calendar year age determination.

The following factors in using the calendar year that are different from AYSO’s past practice are:

  • The age of the player at the “end of competition” determines the age group division for that player.  In our case, that means December 31 for that membership year.
  • Players in a given age group division will now be at the age of that group or under leading to a change in terminology for age group divisions.   For instance, age groups will now be referred to as 6U (age 6 and under), 8U, 10U, 12U, etc.
  • See the Registration Page to determine which age division a child will play in. 
  • Because of the changes to the age cutoff, some players will have to move up to the next division even though they only played one season in U8 or U10, for example.  Some players who played in the U5 division last season will skip the 6U division and move directly to the 8U division.

When do the rules go into effect?
Fall of 2017 for the rules of play, including the small sided games and the new age determination cutoff.  For goal equipment and field sizes, U.S. Soccer acknowledges that goal sizes and field sizes will change over time.

The build-out lines are to be used in 2017.  Fields that may not be painted with a new line may use flat cones, cones, flags or other means to denote the line.


Birth Year registration change info

Birth Year Registration Change Explanation

US Soccer has instituted Birth Year registration. AYSO has adopted this starting with 
the MY2017 membership year (8/1/2017 – 7/31/2018) along with the new Division 
naming convention ##U verses U##. (The “U” means under)

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